Market insights

The Nvidia-led stock market rally

26 FEBRUARY 2024
Despite some apprehension from markets early last week (Nvidia stock price fell by 10% before results were announced), Nvidia’s quarterly earnings did beat expectations once again.

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Reshoring – The world is not flat anymore

21 FEBRUARY 2024
After three decades of globalisation, could reshoring change the global order?

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A balancing act between expectations and reality

19 FEBRUARY 2024
Last week, US inflation slowed less than expected. This caused equity and bond prices to fall and the US dollar to rise as markets quickly reevaluated their expectations of rate cuts from the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

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The tide is turning

12 FEBRUARY 2024
In our 2024 Investment Outlook, released in December 2023, I mentioned the importance of building an investment strategy with multiple time horizons in mind. And, over the past two months, things have changed for the medium-term growth outlook. In January, the 2023 US growth figures came in better than expected, showing a resilience in the US economy that the market didn’t anticipate.

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No imminent rate cut is no problem for buoyant US economy

The US Federal Reserve (Fed), Bank of England (BoE) and Sweden’s Riksbank all kept interest rates unchanged at their meetings last week.

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Better growth prospects boost markets

29 JANUARY 2024
US equities continued to rise to make new record highs last week. US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, said that inflation is now under control.

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(Invest) some of your time

24 JANUARY 2024
Speaking about foresight and perceptiveness in markets, John Maynard Keynes, likely one the most well-known economists ever, said that successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others. Keynes was also an investor.

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Patience in an uncertain environment

22 JANUARY 2024
US equities rose back to their historical highs last week, driven mainly by AI optimism as chipmakers from the US to Taiwan posted strong gains.

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Making New Year’s resolutions for your wealth legacy

17 JANUARY 2024
There’s no better time for tackling the tough emotional issues involved in making a plan that can give you and your family a great deal of fulfilment

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The last-mile inflation challenge

15 JANUARY 2024
The second week of 2024 saw rising equity prices after starting the year with a sharp pullback. Sector-wise, the main US technology segments rose the most, energy lagged.

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Have rate cut expectations gone too far?

8 JANUARY 2024
Markets cheered as central banks held rates at the end of 2023 and priced in more rate cuts for this year. These dynamics bolstered equity markets, which continued to rally towards year-end.

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How to include liquid alternatives in a traditional portfolio

20 DECEMBER 2023
A traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds has been a popular investment strategy for decades. However, with market conditions changing and volatility increasing, investors are looking for alternative options to add value and, importantly, diversification to their portfolios. This is where liquid alternatives can play a role.

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Cutting through the noise

This note summarises our 2024 Investment Outlook, from the key forecasts and expectations underpinning our investment strategy to what they mean for asset allocation and how we invest in flagship portfolios.

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Markets stay positive, inflation remains in focus

27 NOVEMBER 2023
Last Thursday’s US Thanksgiving holiday meant market moves were more muted than in recent weeks, but still in line with November’s positive trend. Equities continued their strong run, particularly in the US, which recorded gains for the fourth week in a row.

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The rally continues amidst falling inflation

20 NOVEMBER 2023
Equity markets continued their November strong run this week. The rally was supported by inflation for the US and UK both falling more than expected.

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Our 2024 outlook
Cutting through the noise

Simplifying the investment landscape in complex markets.
Quintet’s investment experts share their views on the economy, markets and investing as part of their 2024 market outlook.